What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

How many of us have showed up to a job interview in inappropriate outfits? Well, I’m guilty of that! However, many trials and errors have given me enough knowledge about what to avoid wearing for a first interview.

1- Don’t be too daring!

Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes, what would you think of an interviewee wearing daring skimpy dresses, or super bright colors (red for instance)? Would you take her seriously? Of course not!
Spending some time and thinking about what to wear for an interview is the best thing you can do. You don’t have to spend money on a new outfit, you can compromise and find the right fit for the job you’re applying for. Stay away from outfits you’d wear on a night out!

2- Blazers have rules too!

It’s always a good option to wear a blazer for an interview, especially if you’re applying for a job at a start-up, not so formal company. However; that doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you want underneath the blazer. You should put thought into it! For instance, women should be careful not to wear V neck shirts, because blazers create a plunging neckline, which will show a bit too much cleavage than accepted. As for men, I know it’s easier just to wear a t-shirt underneath and get things over with. But, put a bit more effort on your outfit for once, and at least wear a button-down shirt. You’ll look way better, trust me!

3- Take it easy with your perfume!

We all want to smell nice, especially when we’re about to meet someone new. However, you should always keep in mind that your interviewer is a human too, and she/he might have allergies to colognes, perfumes or strong odors in general. After all, you don’t want to be the person who brings the interviewer’s allergies to life, do you?

4- Earphones are a big no-no!
Feeling nervous for an interview is normal. And I know that listening to music on the way there helps ease your nerves and keep your head straight and focused. However, they should be taken off and tugged away as soon as you approach the location.

5- Casual? Be careful!

Summer jobs are targeted to high school or college students who can just work during summer. Whether it being at a restaurant, a resort, a pool, etc. Obviously, young adults won’t have to wear suits for seasonal summer jobs. But, that doesn’t mean they still don’t have to look good in that casual outfit of theirs. Jeans, pants, polo t-shirts, and sensible shoes will work out great during these interviews. However, whatever you do, stay away from flip-flops!

6- Leave the past behind!

If you’ve been away from the workforce for a while, or you’ve just not invested in a new wardrobe– for the past couple of years, you should consider doing so. Looking dated will affect your chances of getting that job, because interviewers will look at your overall appearance and think you’re still living in the past, and you won’t be able to get on the modern train!

7- Baking makeup?

As you already know, you should look good and look professional for an interview. But, ladies, that doesn’t mean you should bake your makeup and look as if you’re going to a night club or a wedding. A simple, cute makeup will work.

8- Traditional ties get you the job!

Dear men, please stay away from statement piece ties. You don’t have to look funny or cool for job interviews. So, that tie your friends, got you for Christmas, should stay home, hidden in a safe place till you get the job you’re seeking! Going for conservative and traditional ties is the way to go for job interviews.

9- Don’t overdo it!
Men and women both must keep accessories to a minimum. For women, avoid large hoop or chandelier earrings, studs will do. Flashy necklaces, sunglasses or anything “bedazzled” should stay home. Men, although you might not have much issue with your accessories, make sure you’re not putting on anything you’ll put while going clubbing.


Remember, you have to look professional and polished for a job interview. So, keep your outfit classy and simple!  

What mistakes have you done on job interviews? Let us know in the comments below!

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