Music to your ears: a round-up of quality headphones

Headphones are life essentials. Apart from their obvious use for the better appreciation of music or any form of audio, they also come in handy for a slew of different purposes. You’ll always find the convenience beyond sedating, to drown out the outside world and replace it with a song.

Whether a globetrotter with a strong case of the wanderlust, corporate exec that frequents international passport controls or someone who spends copious amounts of time at an office desk, you’ll alway find a reason or another to blanket the outside world with a song, and for example replace the unnecessary noise of a buzzing fridge with the sweet sound of music. Headphones are an absolute blessing in certain situations unless you happen to be a producer – then headphones are a must to make your daily bread.

Lend us an ear while we inspire you with a round-up of some beautiful picks of headphones, both affordable and pricey, that will speak volumes to your earlobes.


Bluedio T3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These wireless Bluetooth headphones will give you the space to blank out like you need to, and really focus on what you’re doing. Ideal for those hard-working types who tend to find themselves cooped up in an office, their sturdy build make them quality items that will amount to a sound investment. The Bluedio T3 Wireless headphones are an affordable choice that still offer quality. If you get your hands on the Plus model, you have the added benefit of sourcing your music directly from a micro SD card. They may come off as being a bit heavier than other choices, and tight on the lobes but that means you’ll never have to worry about them slipping off as they fasten to your head like they’ve been glued on.


Playstation headset

With a name that instantly reveals the prime function of this item, this Playstation headset is ideal for winding down with a gaming marathon at the end of the day. With the PlayStation headset, you can enjoy an extra-sensational gaming marathon, at the enthusing quality of 7.1 virtual surround sound quality, while also chatting with your buddies during gameplay. There are certain nuances of the gameplay you possibly wouldn’t even realize existed and that are revealed through this headset. Developed by PlayStation, they are best configured using the proprietary Headset Companion app which gives you the freedom and added benefit of being able to download custom game modes as well. The beauty that comes with using these headphones is that through the app you’re able to get even more out of your gameplay, while enjoying the finer details that are exposed by game developers exclusively, to be best appreciated through these headphones. A very comfortable fit slips right on and you can also meddle with the faceplates and personalize the headsets according to whatever you prefer. Compatible with all versions of PS, you get a 3.5mm audio cable inclusive to the package.

Lifeear active beige

More like a hearing aid which needs no prescription, the Lifeear is a music-lovers companion that is designed to make the sounds you hear in your day to day more resolute. If you often find yourself struggling to make out what people are saying to you, the Life Ear headphones will offload the burden. This is to the credit of its 12 band digital sound processing feature.

Through it you have the double benefit of both increasing volumes of the sounds you hear, while significantly reducing background noise. You can toggle the volume levels through an easy to access dial, and the Lifeear is powered by 10/10 A zinc-air batteries. More than just a commercial product, this item has health benefits, and yet no prescription is needed to make the purchase.

Bose Soundlink on-ear Bluetooth headphones

With a crisp tone that’ll have your ears flying in seventh heaven, spawned by the kingpins of quality audio, the Bose Soundlink on-ear Bluetooth headphones live up to their brand name with a wide array of benefits. A superbly advanced microphone system allows reliable quality for when they’re being used alongside your smartphone and can stand up to the added noise from harsh weather or urban environments. Operating on rechargeable batteries, one charge nets you up to 15 hours, an ample duration for a long-distance flight if you’re making headway from continent to continent. A pleasure-to-use interface makes operating the Bose Soundlink headphones a walk in the park, and apart from just translating your music listening session into pure bliss, they also can speak to you through voice prompts. An ergonomic product design that only Bose could achieve means you’ll probably have these headphones fastened on for the majority of the day, whether for phone conversations or music listening. Crisp.


Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Running Headphones

If you happen to be a fitness fanatic and music lover rolled into one, this hot piece of tech will marry those worlds into one wholesome experience next time you hit the gym. With the latest Bluetooth v4.1 technology running through them, noise cancellation is part of the package. They’re ergonomically designed to allow you to get the most out of your tunes while you’re also beefing up your biceps at the gym. A comfortable design gives you the extra benefit of having them clamp on to ears with a tight grip, to avoid having them slip out of place when you break out into a sweat, while concurrently making sure no sweat enters your ears. They’re also designed to reduce static that comes from movement so you can get your gym time in without ever having to fumble with your headphones. One charge nets you up to 8 continuous hours of usage.

We hope this round-up helps you zone in on the ideal headphones, for better appreciation of music, wherever you chance to be.

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