How To Use a Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders were invented by makeup artist Rea Ann Saliva to create an even distribution and blending of liquid products to the skin. Although makeup brushes were and are still used frequently to apply foundations, and other products, they’re not as effective as beauty blenders because they can result in streaks leaving behind uneven and faulty makeup!

So, what’s the best way to prep and use a beauty blender?


Preparing the blender

Preparing Beauty Blender

One mistake all you beautiful girls should avoid doing is using a beauty blender when it’s dry. Trust me, you’ll waste lots of product! When the beauty blender is wet, it will expand and will not soak as much product, and you won’t break your bank! So, before using it, you should dip it in warm water, squeeze it to remove excess water (after all, who wants a soggy makeup?!), and then start using it!


Applying the makeup

  1. To know how you should be applying your makeup with a beauty blender, you should first know what product you’ll be applying. If you’re using a foundation, BB cream, or any other liquid product, it’s better to put some on your forearm, and then dip the blender onto the product and apply it to your face. Whereas, if you’re going to use a highlighter, a bronzer or any other powder product, it’s better if you dab the blender right into the pan.

  1. You now know how to pick and apply the makeup with a blender. But do you know which side of the blender you should use? This part is easy! If you’re going to be applying the product to a large surface, use the back, rounded side of the blender. However, if you’re going to be implementing the product on a smaller, narrow part, use the upper, sharp side.

Foundation Beauty Blender         

  1. Third, and most important part! How to blend the makeup onto your skin? One huge mistake to avoid doing is wiping the blender across your face! Come on girls, confess, we’ve all done this once or twice, right? It takes time to learn new methods, so no worries, you’ll grasp the technique soon enough. So, why not wipe the blender around? This method will waste lots of product without evenly distributing and covering your skin. The best way to apply a product onto your skin with a beauty blender is by gently bouncing it on your skin. It might take a couple of bounces to fully blend the product in, and get everything just the way you like it, but the end result will be worth the little effort you’re making!

Beauty Blender Usage


Cleaning the beauty blender

Cleaning Beauty Blender

Last, but not least, cleaning your beauty blender frequently. I don’t think any of you want to be putting a dirty object on their face. Right? If you do not clean your beauty blender regularly, it will accumulate product, which then will be a cozy home for dust and dirt. So, spend a couple of minutes cleaning your sponge with soap and water, in order to, later on, save years dealing with skin issues.


So, what do you prefer to use while applying your foundation, a beauty blender or a brush? Let us know what you prefer in the comment section below! 

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