Beginner Cyclist Guide: What Gear To Buy To Get Started With Cycling?

Have you been finally convinced by friends and loved ones to engage in cycling? If your answer is a big “Yes” and excited for your first cycling session, perhaps you should think of getting fully geared for this sport. Apart from investing in a top performing bike, other things that beginners like you will need to get started may include the following.

  1. Cycling outfit (cycling shorts and reflective cycling vest)

Just like any sports cycling may require the wearing of proper outfit that consists of cycling shorts, jersey, and reflective cycling vest. You don’t need to spend much for the cycling outfit. In fact, you can find affordable, but good quality cycling starter outfit from a reputable online shopping site. Be sure to check the quality, material  and reviews made by previous customers that bought from the online shop before placing an order.

  1. Cycling helmet

Both professional and beginner cyclists are required to wear protective gear for the head to ensure their safety while cycling. When shopping for a cycling helmet, don’t just go for a cool design. What should be your priority? Well, the cycling helmet must be reasonably priced and passed quality standards for protecting the cyclist head-on incidents of fall or collision while on the road or any biking site. Even if you want to save money never attempt to borrow or use a secondhand cycling helmet. Remember, as years pass the foam that serves as protection on cycling helmets may deteriorate and won’t be effective in giving protection. It’s advisable that you buy the cycling helmet at a local biking accessory shop because you need to try it on and verify if the head size is correct and comfortable when worn.

  1. Bike gloves

Another item needed to complete your cycling outfit is a pair of bike gloves. You might ask, “Why you need to wear them?” Cycling can mean long distance ride on your bike and as you encounter bumpy roads the hands will be exposed to constant friction on the bike’s handle. Again, buying a pair of bike gloves need not be expensive. You can surely find for a pair for $10 to $20 and give you that extra comfort while cycling. Since this is your first time to buy bike gloves choose a pair that is not too tight or too loose. You are better off with a pair that fits nicely to ensure good circulation of blood.

  1. Mini pump and puncture repair kit

All cyclists out there must not head off any biking activity without the mini pump and puncture repair kit because the cycling site can expose your bike tires from external elements that will lead to a puncture. Mini pump is a lot easier to carry and can perform the same pumping performance that a normal size pump can do.

  1. Bicycle taillight set

The good thing about cycling is that you can do it any time of the day, either early in the morning or late at night. Among the bike accessories that you should install on your bicycle are front and rear lights to keep you illuminated from other users of the road.

  1. Bicycle phone holder

If you cannot leave your mobile phone behind, then, buy a bicycle phone holder that is designed to hold securely any type of mobile device or gadget. Most bike phone holders are mounted on the bike’s handlebars.

  1. Bicycle chain lock

There will be instances that you will leave your bike, especially if you will be using it at a local park or do some errands. If you need to leave your bike at the designated biking post having a bicycle chain lock will give you peace of mind against bike theft.

  1. Bicycle cruiser saddle

Last on the list for cycling gear that every beginner cyclist must invest in is the bicycle cruiser saddle. This biking seat is designed to provide added comfort and stability even on bumpy roads.

Well, that’s everything you need to know for your cycling activity to bring out the best in you. Take time finding the best biking products that will complete your cycling gear and always go for quality. Never skimp on biking gear that will ensure your safety while on the road.


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